Friday, November 22, 2013


To be righteous, to be untouched, unfazed by what ever surroundings possible to be in, is not an overnight achievement, nor is it an overnight decision to be made .
To making such a life altering, decision, is to be fully aware, of everything that surrounds us .
What we have, what we don't have, what we do have, but shouldn't, what we don't have, but should .
Either way, everything must be assessed ahead of time .

While it seems humanly incomprehensible, having absolutely no concern, for either victory, or defeat, success or failure, absolute void, will eventually make the struggle lighter, and easier to carry .
Achieving such state of mind, will eventually produce overall safety, through out the entire journey .

Monday, September 30, 2013


Where ever you are, wheat ever you do, who ever you're with, what ever you do, with who ever you're with, from which ever direction your coming, your destination, will be the same as that of everyone else that you'll see there .
Your arrival will not consist in knowing any of those you will see, as none will be known to you, but your reaction, their reaction, to seeing them, them seeing you, will be the same as that of being familiar .
All of which, is dictated by whether there will be any thinking involved, any attempt to understand, what, when and where, everything had began in the first place .
It would be of no use, since nothing will be of consequence to this unworldly course of event .
But it can, bring this divine journey to stall, even to it's end .
This here journey in question, is one through which no thinking is required, nor involved, nor will any timelines be there for all its travelers to travel by, and, before embarked, it should be embraced, for that everyone will be embraced, upon arrival, by it's Designer, Creator, God the Father, Jesus Christ, the Son to awaiting with earned rewards, and the Holy Spirit, the Deliverer, of the Father's will .
Glory to God, and praise to the Son,

Saturday, August 24, 2013


Fate, ours anyway, is the result of our actions, what ever it turns out to be from them .
Life of faith, character and conduct code, or, life of sin, no code of character, or conduct, what would it matter, if the turn out could even be criminal at this point ?

Fate doesn't crate constitute, or stand by it self .
Not, with out coming from the hands of it's causer, humanity .
We turn out to be who we set our selves out to become .
To control fate, prayer must become a priority .
Above all else, no exceptions .
It must become the reason, to expose our eyes to the light of the sun, it must become the reason, for which we give our dangers no quarters .

Prayer, is the air we breath, period !

Wednesday, August 21, 2013


Blessed be the name of Jesus, 
for favoring the hungry, the weak, 
the cripple, the sick, the lost, 
the innocent, the doubtful, the weary,
the worried .
All of which are forgotten, overlooked, 

and thought of as less worthy of their God given
dignity .
Jesus favors the suffering .

Saturday, August 10, 2013


When the word surrender is pronounced, the first thing that comes to mind, is it's stereo-typical version .
The one version often used in situations like two party conflict, where re the giving in is again categorized with the above mentioned, surrender .
However, surrender is also a state of mind, which in some cases, describes the need for us to step back from our daily frantic paced lives, and reassess ourselves .

Surrender, can also be a way where we privately recuperate our spent energy, so to be able to return to it refurbished .
Some would consider it a vehicle with which to reach a higher level of faith than the usual, which as an obvious consequence, it is called tender surrender .

Thursday, August 8, 2013


Since it is well known, that there is nothing around us that need's repaired, or even just reviewed, but us, it would be much of a good idea, if some of the habits, of accumulating, as well as living for objects, lifeless things, which become more important than life it self .
Extra wight acquired, which will eventually slow, and in some cases, demolish the spirits appetite .
All acquisitions , regardless of what they are, should be kept with a need to have parameter, to never allow them to stretch past that parameter .
When the quantity exceeds, so does our complacency, which means, there's a big chance that we might not recover should those of us suddenly lose it all .

" ART OF THE SOUL " (Youth's understanding of their spirit) by Mike Carannante .

In every Human body, there is a spirit, which  inhabits it, with yet two other just as important elements mind and soul .
Each of them, has its own specific purpose .
The mind, to provide review and understanding , of the soul’s creation, while the spirit fuels the creative process it self .
There are numerous times however, when these elements derail them selves .
Much so, when it comes to the younger age group with in humanity .
Youth .
Now youth, is not necessarily mean, evil, any of the non sense, that some adults make it the lousy habit to spread out there .
The only thing they have going for them selves that is wrong, is again the important fore mentioned elements, which are out of place .
When the one kicks in the other holds back .
When this back and forth takes place, they are easily heritable, and listen to no one, who just simply sounds differently from them .
Obviously, the spirit doesn’t even fit in the picture at this point, because it’s chained down by their conformities to what they deem to be of need, in their version of the world .
This is no judgment placed on them, but it is a red flag, which they should be helped to see .
The spirit, is capably of driving the body over such other wise considered to be impossible obstable .
Mental, emotional, physical, all though with exhaustion, which should induct who ever has such a high spirit, to take good care of it, by constantly renewing it, with different objectives in mind to reach daily .
However, that can change really quick .
Most of society, has the inprinted habit to create them selves lifestyles, which with in the long run will atrophy their thinking process, and everything will soon follow .
This would be a very dangerous experience for younger age groups, teens, as well as young adults .
Their best bet, would be to be tought early on, to speak their troubles out of their system .
If that might be possible, they can still inducted on that path even if their grown out of their teen years, it would just take longer to get passed it . There never will be, a yet worse damage suffered, than the lowered spirit, especially if it involves youth .
As young as they are, it spreads among them like wild fire .
Being young, doesn’t necessarily mean, that they are automatically, inclined to change as they should, each and everyday .
In fact, they stay quite attached to what they are used to have at their disposal, and are hardly willing to let any of it go .
So as a result of that, there is no thinking, no creation, no change, no growth .
Universally, anyone who has been there done that so to speak, is probably the best source for young souls to look up when it comes to information regarding their spirits .
Someone who understands his own spirit, especially one who has felt the painstaking the low level of expectations, the diminished will, and drive to innovate, is greatly enabled to induct someone who’s yet beginning to face the restoration of his/her own spirit .
They could never understand spirituality all together, if they don’t figure out how their own spirit enable their minds bodies and souls, to evict their fear generated limitations .
There’s no way for their spirits to communicate with others alike, when they aren’t able to communicate with it them selves to begin with .
Any sort of skills applied in communication, in general interaction even, have been acquired by searching with in, by each individual who has them, so that there would be no doubt while standing there in the middle of something important, and no eyes zeroing in on them, like their coming from for space .
It is most vital for a human being to know about his/her spirit .
How far it can go, how much of it’s potential, is achieved with physical movement, how far it can reach when it comes to creation .
In fact, it doesn’t necessarily slow anyone down, not being in movement, by choice, or as unfortunately for many, due to inpairment .
No matter what level of physical mobility, so long as the spirit is there, paths, of choice, will get foot steps on them .
Interesting quite a bit, is the spirit .
Some say, that it has  to do with intellect, while others say it has to do with no thinking what so ever, indeed, the one and only thing crossing mind is absolute void .
It really has to do with both .
One, it has to go through their minds, two, it has to be turned into reality .
But, thought doesn’t interfere with action .
Each of them, has his time to occure, and when ever there is doubt both should stand by, and await for assurance, that allows them to be disposed of, as intended, which is with out any rising complications, that might cause them to return to the beginning .
When immersed into their spirit, youth will find it to be clear of everything else, that would be found in any other patterned or commoditizing situation, and thry will see the difference, between being under pressure, and being in a state of mind, where nothing else supercedes goal and desire .
Focus, concentration, or what ever the definition may be, it has to be established, or else nothing happens .
Their spirits need their full surrender, so that they can keep their minds, bodies, and souls in place, but connected to each other .
Spirituality, is what it’s called, by many in agreement .
Maybe there should be something brought to attention, and that is that awften enough, spirituality ie mistaken for a standard, for a specific group of people to adhere by, only .
Well, it is not .
It is individual, it is not a rule, but an experience, achieved by intellect connecting it self to emotion, which transfers everything into soul .
Spirituality .
When spirituality is saught after, there usually is no inclination to doubt, calculation, or any uncertainty in general .
When it really happens as it should as a matter of fact, there is actually hardly any recollection, as to how the who process had taken place .
It’s a state that can be induced, but it works best if it happens on it’s own .
When there’s disconnection between the elements mentioned earlier above, no attempt should be made, get into it, not that there’s any danger, just that nothing will happen .
Each of them should be lined up ready to be sent out to do what they are there for, which is to stay connected with the spirit .
It’s fair to say at this point, that for a person to understand a spirit, it is spirituality in the making .
It almost sounds silly to say it, because one would say that it is obviously, spirituality to understand one’s own spirit, but when the first stage is to be set in solitude, in order to get an overall when to keep going while driven, and not confuse drive with haste, and when to be lucid enough to realize that going forward in a particular situation, brings nothing but loss, and so losses are to be
cut .
They can do that, by doing the same thing that’s been mentioned plenty times, which to listen, analyze, assess, and apply, but also to remember to stand by, when they don’t know .
In other words, they should sit there waiting in between, while they’re jumping from one foot to another, until they are certain of what they’re going to do .
Anxiousness of getting started right away, is the actual seed of overlooking things, leaving things behind which might be important if certain goals are intended to be reached, resulting in projects being half done, or not started at all even .
All of this may sound like a bunch of hard labor, but on the contrary, it is about the best freedoom they could ever achieve .  
The old expression, “ I knew you had it in you “, has more than a complimentary meaning to it, it is the external recognition of someone else’s spirit, both young and arult .
It would obviously be hard not to recognize it, because every expressed thought, every persued action, will be displayed out in the open, for all eyes to see.
It will be greated by their minds, shaped by their bodies, delivered by their souls, driven by their spirits .
All of this of course, with an understanding, of their spirit .
All of this will take place, only with their full understanding, of their spirits .
Their spirits are indispensable, not only for them to bring forth their creation, but also to keep them selves sharp at all times, when the spirit runs low .
No other spiritual source will be understood, if at all, unless they understand their own .
Generations are like plants, they fruit what their furrows are sowed in them .
Good seeds aren’t all it takes for a good later harvest, roots need also to be strong, and not in wilting conditions .
All though this is something that knows no age, youth is most affected by it .
Reason being, they are exposed sooner, than every other previous generation, so they have more to face, which means bigger risk to be caught unprepared . 
Generations before today, were exposed to the world, at later time than those exposed to day .
They had less at reach, or if not, just didn’t know where it was .
It is much more irresponsible for an adult to tell, or as in some cases, threaten a young away from negative indulgense, when as soon as just about all of them, make it out to the world, they will be but served on thought .
So why not explaining to them about safety ?
Why not showing them, that there is a better way, to figure it out as you go ?
There are plenty situations, in which they think that their own spirit even, is actually standing against them .
Anyone with a clear mind,and with the genuine intentions of freeing them from such a crippling way of thinking should save the questions for later and jump right in .
It is much more dangerous for younger people, to think that they’re at the end of their rope, because they are extremely panicable .
As opposed to the fully grown adults, who have their experience as their back up, they are affected by each set back like it’s a first time surprise, and the damage is the only thing that changes, for the worse, each time .
They need to be put in a position to think, and believe, that they and their spirits are one and the same, and that what ever happens to them, their spirits suffer for .
They shouldn’t be shunned, or outcasted, they should have their direction changed, and returned to them .
Why returned ?
Well, because they will have to pick up the responsibilities for their own lives .
There’s very little difference, between being in someone else’s hands, and being low spirited, which is the reason they wind up in someone else’s hands anyway .
No matter what the clearity there will be in someone’s words, when the spirit’s low, there’s no way to get through, and be understood, unless the two attempting, to communicate, are in the same boat situation wise .
Neither will make any sense to one another, if what’s being experienced, isn’t shared by the two, or is at least similar .
It is unfortunately, a sort of  “ what have you got to show for “ deal .
Where written certification hanging on the wall, does not get far, because who ever’s achieved it, hasn’t know what it’s like to be in the same situation of who ever they offer the services to .
In order for them to call a place home, or trust it enough to do so if you will, they have to beuild a sense of belonging .
They will never do so, unless they have enough certainty, that no one is out to get them .
They have to be put in a position where they have what they need, right there in front of their eyes .
They have to understand as some point, youth that is, that harm doesn’t just have a physical aspect, but it can also be invisible to others, emotional .
In a way, that it makes them feel like who ever listens to them, in case they would make the attempt to talk about their situation, speaks a totally different language,
Obviously they don’t, but the understanding among them, is still missing .
It maybe because of the need of expression, is faster than the words them selves .
Such an experienced situation, is he only way for someone else to understand the struggle being communicated coming across, who ever is on the other side, in need of aid .
Not intervention, aid .
There’s no interference here because everything they are momentarily going through they are sole role players .
It is fare to to call it a restart, because they are to dump all that they have accumulated over time, and replace it with new, and constantly changing experiences .
This is something that applies to just about everything they’ll get them selves into .
It’s learning process, for both those who do, as well as those who don’t, understand their spirit, so flexibility is not to be overlooked, matter of fact, it is what they’ll need, in order to establish a really healthy and long lasting relationship .
When aiding, patience is needed, for declination from accepting, the aid, as well as receiving it, as sometimes not the way it would be most comfort to be received .
Spirituality, is indeed part of their lives, and it should be revealed to them, in all the truth that comes with it .
After all, this is about their spirituality .
A spirituality that they must know about, so that they can broaden the dimentions they physically live in, and keep the space in which the head, for private recovery and contemplation .
Voiding everything that they can not use to their advantage, and spiritual growth .
It may seem to some of them, that something that makes them think like they are older than they are supposed to, but the understanding of their spirits, does not affect their time of youth .
The sun will rise and sit, just the same as before even getting into this spirituality .
But, with the difference, of them actually spotting it as it rises .
How ?
With the rediscovery of their spirits .
Great deal of excitement, rediscovery of their spirit will bring them .
The drive to know more will ascend higher more each following time than the previous .
Perhaps, that is the one thing that keeps them from achieving full control of their lives .
Not that they might be lacking it, but a drive like the one they’re privileged with, that instead of conducing them towards knowledge, sinks them into more confusion, than that which they’ve been fed all their lives, they might as well not have any .
Once they gain control, there’s nothing they can not bend to their will .
It will seem to them, as if they can tell foresee the outcome of every project they set them selves out to achieve .
Their ability to tell what the results of their efforts will be, comes from having become relaxed, and not being so panic ridden, that they can’t even see straight .
One other thing that would hurt them to learn, is how to stay the course if they are to look else where for trust, that they might have been failed for, or a brand new start all together .
Which of course, is not as easy, as it is to talk about it .
But they have to set their foundations, right into that ground, that they might be ready to turn their back on and walk away .
All the  “ humble listening “ from the beginning till the day they’re finally about to tast the waters so to speak, will help them stay the course, and recover much more quickly, than as if they were on their own .
It could very well be, that they are humility’s best candidates .
They’re young, they need it, they respond to it more easily, and much more .
They have the comprehencion for it, and if they don[‘t they can easily acquire it, more so than any other advanced generation .
They have all they need to stand through the process, of acquiring it, if need be, all they have to do is jump in and get their feet wet .
The more they learn, the more they should incline them selves into taking it one on their own, especially, because they will know how .
Of course that doesn’t mean that they shouldn’t get any help if needed, but the help they get should be the kind that sets them back onto handling it them selves .
In other words, they should be given help on how to seek out recovery, find it, cease it and make it their own .
Feed a man once, teach how to provide for him self next .
No better reward, than self efficiency .
But, with every goal or project that’s deemed to be the desired achievement, high spirit, high spirit, high spirit .
Never stressed enough .
The future isn’t something that easy to foresee, at least not always, but one thing they might be able to do, is see it coming when it does .
Being prepared for the days to come, or having a mind set inglined to prevention, will keep Their spirits from being threatened, and brought down, by anything that’s there, to hold them back from achieving their goals .
Panic, is one of the most famous threats to the spirit, while the nerves become electrified, a worse yet storm is on it’s way .
The idea that there’s no way to get out of it, the idea that there’s no way to regain the lost freedom, that everyone else have .
The most threatening part of this is, what comes next, which basically the spirit plunging down to its bottom, like a dieing battery .
That’s why every generation going through their youthful stage of their lives shoud make plans for their future, which will automatically include the rest ot follow .
Each preceding generation, is there to set to stage for others to come and spring off of, on their own, their knowledgeable way .
Seeds and plants, is all this is .
If the seed are planted under warm gorund, they’ll have assured growth .
If not, they’ll just sit there and dry away, or become something’s food .
With the difference for them, that they’ll just become waste .
Needles, uncalled senseless for waste .
Humility, especially, during the knowledge sharing process, makes sure that those shareing the information, won’t come across as will imposing individuals .
On the contrary, they’ll come across as if they were all in the same boat .
Because of that already stressed mutual learning experience above, that just may happen .
New times, new approach .
To consider one another equal, all though pertaining to different generation, is the achievement of a very big plus, because fixed patterns go out the window, and there’s also less time being wasted, in divergences, and dicecting one thing from another, and so on .
Everything will click, because everything is helt together by agreement, which if success is the objective they’re after, should be established at the beginning .
No important decision, nor action should be taken, unless it is planted on trust worthy solid ground .
Such as planning, double checking, making sure everything that’s needed in order to go forward, is there .
They have reactions, and they have emotions, but they have to be supervised, by good healthy solid reason .
That to, they can find in humility .
Humility is bound by no obligations, it reaches its best potential when there’s no attachment, or limits already established at beginning .
If it weren’t for the human body needing to rest, humility would would make people oblivious, as to whether the sun or the moon would rise first .
But there are breaks, which are needed, so that there wouldn’t the risk of overdoing things, even just listening .
Rest is a sign of humility .
They will be signaled by their bodies, once enough time goes by, there time to rest has arrived, and there is no going around it .
The break that they’ll take is actually much more than just a break .
For one, they could always use the time of silence, and sit still, for contemplation, of all things that need to be removed out of their entire person, body, soul, spirit .
When contemplating, clearly, contemplating, in solitude, more humility will follow by arrival, and not by being searched instead .
Their relaxed disposition, allows them to welcome anything that keeps them in a learning state, no matter how advanced .
That is what has to take place, before they can even think about heading out to the world, and provide word of advice, or even just aid .
Going through the process, as being in need them selves, will open their eyes, onto what someone else might be missing and needing .
From emotional to just plain material aid, that is a good way for them to achieve that realization .
Now, that can easly go bad as well .
Reason being, is that they will be tempted to snob out those who are in need, at a first turn down, or a lash out .
The time they will have spent through humility, listening, and absorbing all there is that they need to know, will help them understand the situation that those who lash out or respond abrasively, at a given helping hand .
Pride, the true healthy kind anyway, is but a sense of self-gratification, for either effort invested in some endeavor, that might have taken a lengthy period of time to achieve, or the simplw idea, that when the goal is reached, rest is to follow .
It’s not something new really, when it comes to rest at finished work .
Whe the mind is preoccupied with what ever activity they are completely involved in, it is in no way near thinking whether or not there’s such thing as rest and where near, so it keeps going .
Till, at some point, the body finally has enough, and, as if synchronized, mission accomplished, which again goes for just about any other type of activity .
Mastery will hardly ever fit to this whole trip through knowledge called humility .
One of the reasons, is probably that it can not, be mastered, but it can be learned .
Any human body when reached it’s limit, will eventually cease to function, and with in a passed period time, cease to be completely .
But the learning stays on, ageless, endless, like a soon to be passenger waiting for the bus at the stop .
To invest them selves to this humility, is indeed an art, truly of the soul .
Well then what else, if not of the soul .
It is sowed  deep with the deepest of a person’s heart, which gord straight to the soul, and then the magic begins, humility .
Might be more accurate, if it were called art of listening, since it is, about listening .
None the less, that doesn’t change the situation much, as the place of origen is the soul, brought in effect with in, the soul, so it is, for the soul .
And besides, there is no contradiction between the two, because their one and the same .
To some wh are new to the experience, this, particular experience, seems of a spiritual sort .
Come to really think of it, as they might feel, the whole humility and soulfulness of the experience, is indeed the real spiritual deal .
It’s the youth’s understanding of their spirit .
Their journey with humility, as them now inclined into an automatic, or instinctive sense of curiosity , which drives them into investigating more and more into the way their spirits move, the way they get affected when things aren’t alined as they should be as well .
It’s a wonderful thing for youth to understand the spirit inside, especially during that stage of their lives .
It is a proven fact by the way, that an open mind makes a strong spirit, because change is the only thing that feeds it strength .
It doesn’t need anyone’s approval for it to be true, but extra support is never as bad thing .
Sometimes those who are used to see things the way they are, tend to forget that they are visited and revisited by change, which is inevitable .|
Perhaps, they feel like they’ll left out, which isn’t even near the case at all .
It’s a question of whether that change, can be sustained or not .
Well, that is the reason why since world is world, the new fills in for the old .
Now, obviously that doesn’t mean that those to proceed, have the license to do what ever they want, on the contrary, the basics do come from those before them, so there is no take over of any sort .
Change is also part of the transcending process, which allows the change in between generations .
On youth follows another because, of change .
Taking a step back, is also how previous generations share experience, and knowledge to successors .
Humility has a grip on at least one of each one’s ankles, and no one is left out .
Everyone is part of it, all though each in different situations .
Time how ever doesn’t carry, it just moves on .
If anyone is to leave or carry anything, that’s humanity .
Those who leave something behind, those who who will be on their way to pick up on it .
All of this is basically what they will end up telling them selves once they will have understood it completely, as they should, and not of reading somemething that gives a rough idea, as to what they’ll be up against, embarqing on this journey of humility .
There is reading, for the imagination, and then there is the hands-on experience, which is the ultimate achievement as far as learning the art of listening .
Most commonly, the word art is used to define something, that seems to be of dexterial nature .
In other words, having to get it down, or getting the hang of it .
But really, the artistic part in it self, is actually be there, humbly, and absorb everything that gets passed on to them, and in due time do the same .
Art isn’t necessarily the end of some sort of line, or limit, or arrival at any destination .
When some one halts any course of activity, the activity it self doesn’t cease to be, it simply isn’t active .
The idea of art, in any of it’s endless aspects, is to keep it self on the course it is meant to be, which is to have it’s students to learn .
Artists are but students, that never get certified in any aspect of it at all, unlike that which is visually recognized, as art .
They are constantly studying, and learning, and when they stop someone some where, will always be ready to start .
In anyway, art never ceases to be, the same goes for humility, someone some where will be there to listen .
For everyone in general, the sole purpose, in going through this whole transcendence process, is the existence .
The way for the spirit to become thr body it carrys, besides residing in one, is to live everyday, just like the world it is in spins .
In other words, since it resides with in a body, it is affected by the same things, that the body is affected .
So, it has to mold it self into what the body exposes it self to .
Now, obviously that doesn’t go for everything entirely, because there are some things, that spirit’d be better off not being ecposed to, especially, if highly sensitive .
At yet bigger risk is the entire human being, when early time’s allowed to go awaste .
In times like the ones they live in today, it will take many many more times as long as it does to greate what they should keep secure to the best of their abilities .
Long term projects, multi partnered ones especially, can be painstaking sometimes, and extra care in those cases, never hurts .
Who ever has the notion, of there being ways to reach goals, with hardly any effort, is sadly mistaking .
One way or another, there will always be effort needed to be made, no matter what the goal is in mind .
All though it might make no difference who does not and who does paticipate in this, youth must not cease carrying, and passing on the achieved humility .
That part does affect all humanity .
Humility as a matter of fact, is the life force of the spirit, because it keeps the body in its place, which is to be its carrier, and not let it acquire the unproportionate importance, which usually just runs the spirit down .
When the spirit loses its rightful place from which it conducts the body, from the beginning to the end of every path, wher lie the goals intended to reach .
Humility does not move by force, it alleviates the need for it .
Every time force is gone for, it adds cost to what they, the youth, may have worked so hard for, not to mention the risk, as in some cases, not to be able recover from the damage .
Types of risks and damage are so well known, that they hardly need introduction .
But, one thing, all though it is also well known, needs constantantly stressed, humility .
Humility is the seed of all seeds .
Sow it and you sow them all .
Keep humility as the root of things to follow them on their day, makes it all so easy to achieve, it’d take longer to eat cake .
Relationships, on all levels improve, interection impoves, overall communications improve, and because of humility being there, there will be nothing taking place, but improvement .
Humility might as well, translate to improvement .
The knowledge obviously get improved, and following that, actions, or being in the process of turning the improved knowledge into improved action .
Definitely sounds nice, but just for added security, humility before visual pleasantery .
It isn’t a crime to please one self, but to simply dive into it, might have the painstakingly achievements suffer the expense .
Humility provides the right control, so that heads don’t swell, and overrun common sense .
Humility also prevents such habits as prejudice, and discrimination, from nesting into their young minds, and consequently move in on their spirits .
For humility to succeede, the spirit is to be kept of limits .
That right there, they should hold ahead of all the rest, better yet the number one and only, permanent goal .
Endless, but achievable .
Humility will not come with comfort, and what they might have been considering the one thing to live for, isn’t really comfort, but complacency .
They feel comfortable, they don’t see the need to get out past their parameter, and search for more, than what they have or know .
That is when a very commonly used expression is is due for pronunciation .
“ To make it on my own “ .
They’ll still have their comfort, but they won’t be enslaved by it, as if it were the actual air they breath .
Comfort should have a very simple and moderate relevance among other things that make their day more pleasant, or go by more easily .
As a last stop out of their entire daily activity, comfort should be there, waiting for them to relieve them of their tension built up during a day’s work, or school day .
They should keep them selves always driven, to search for more and more knowledge, and backed by humility, and an infinite soul, the spirit will present it self, revealing it self in its entirety, and it will not hold any of them, youth that is, accountable for any of the time gone by with out any previous research on their part ever before, other than the day they finally decided to do so anyway .
As for youth‘s reaction, they might ask them selves, as to why they wouldn’t have such divine illumination ever before, because it is, an illumination, and let so much valuable time fly by, and go awaste .
There can’t be but one answer to that question, and that is that time only goes forward .
No sense looking back, because what once was will have vanished, before it even becomes part of the past .
Questions yet to be asked, are the ones about what follows the moment upon which it dawns on them that they, youth, have have had a spirit, have a spirit, and will have a spirit .
They have now been informed, spoken about, and transcended all they need to know, by their predecessors, and it will be on them to extract a positive out come out of all the experience they’ve made thus far .
Times will always be changing, one day from another, and yesterday’s is not the way to deal with today, as later tomorrow will be yet more different .
Faster, more demanding, each day begins with more insidious threats, then the rest that it follows, and a solid, economically conscious mind set would definitely be a safe bet .
Threats come in all kinds of ways, by them selves, or they can be sought after .
Peers realizing they’re moving on, so they make all kinds of efforts to keeping them from doing so, through trying to make them feel guilty, just to name one .
It is very critical at their age, that they’d unfold their own sense of direction, but be sure of it to be one that has just about everything they’ve gotten from studying their own spirit .
There are words often used, like derail, sidetrack, and relapse .
They shouldn’t be considered to be life sentences of some sort, especially with all they experiencde they’ve made, learning of their spirit, what it can drive them to do, and how, it can drive them to do things that they otherwise wouldn’t normally even fathom any of it, at all, unless they’d go through the learning process they’ve been .
The spirit in youth, is that of an already strong kind, but it needs guidance .
Be it the guidance from someone, who’s worn their same shoes when it came to in their days, but they need it, or else the rest to follow will fall into a much deeper bottom pit, thsn those they follow .
Broken record ?
Not played often enough .
They need to surround them selves with people, who just like them, have an understand of their own spirit, and do know how vital it is to keep it at it’s highest .
Those good at organizing, to share their experience with those who are not so domestic with it .
Those who have, and are able to share with in their means of course, can do so with who ever brings forth the need for them to do so .
Books, writings, stories, anything that can induce them to make the experiences they need, in order for their spirits to stay risen .
The control of them selves that they would be missing, with out the understanding, and the awakening of their spirit in some cases, is probably the only thing that might be holding them back, and they don’t even know it .
When spoken to a group of people about this as expensively as it is laid out here may seem as complicated as the world it self, it really isn’t .
The only way for them to understand that, is by sharing with them any information, that they might bent into the shape they wish .
Most useful might be that of scholastic nature, with which, as they are learning, they can also put it to work .
There is such an advantage in scholastically base experience, that there would be no way ever possible, for them to be derailed from what they already know to be truly what they need .
They’ve seen it work for someone else, who will have been their learning source during their earlier times, and by the time distraction comes around, it would be to late for it to so anything .
The sense of need to go forward, simply gets rid of any possible interference, providing them with such high level of concentration, what ever comes around to throw a wrench in their works, fails .
Sometimes, the cost for keeping their spirits high, may include make changes among their acquaintances, as they can be the actual source of their skies darkening .
One of the reasons for it to be to hard a decision to make, the sense of guilt .
Guilt of leaving friends behind, guilt which should be matched reciprocically by the friends, that they have the sense of guilt for .
If they attempt to talk them into not moving on, they are not wishing them to succeede, or if they are simply stamding there, down playing their abilities to succeede .
If there’s any curiosity, as to where the spirit is needed, here’s the place, all it would take is to allow them selves to be convinced by a few words, that may sound, and feel like a pet on the back, telling them how they would be much better off stayng where they are .
Remember the spirit .
So, basically the idea here, is to get into their heads and keep them with in their reach so that they can be directed into what ever their so called friends want .
The solution for this problem that they stumble onto, is simply to stay with what they know to be their lives safety, which is as the spirit drives them to, and pay no attention, to outside negative influences .
Decisions that can alter the aspect of their daily activities, are sometimes the ones left to be made .
Changing aquaintances, changing locations in which they live in, or the way, they live all together, which is the reason it may attract those wishing for them to sit still, and not seek better yet opportunities to get them selves ahead .
This is no condonation for attachment to lifeless things, but rather a way to remember every effort invested into them selves, is to valuable to risk over someone else’s misguided notion, that friends do as much as, turn down opportunities that might reward them for their hard work .
Those who truly aim for their friends to raise above their obstacles, will actually prone their friends to get out of it as much as they can, and remind them, that the place where they leave them is the place where they find them, with their doors open .
Now that can be considered what jet fuel is to one once filled, for the spirit .
The human spirit will always welcome support, and much more so when there’s no agenda behind it .
When that support doesn’t come forth, with the intent to keep someone from taking that one step, which crosses into the world of self efficiency, and responsibility .
They’ll have their names one it, they’ll see it grow in accordance to their desire, but the rest that follows, which is to keep it growing as they intend it to turn out, is also on them .
Whether it’ll be a hit or a flop, it is entirely up to them .
They’re now becoming full adilts, and are about to make way to others, that will go through the dame process .
Obiously, depending on whether or not they’ll recognize the need to have their spirit at the center of all their daily activities, even when not active, as the light which illuminates their thoughts .
That would bring their skills in understanding, to a yet more profound, high, vital, vital level of spirituality, which, all though with in them, is not their own .
Its flame feeds on them, and theirs feed on it .
How they will come to understand, and establish contact with it, only they know _